Academic Environment

Academic Environment

The Academic Environment working group will develop, implement, and evaluate mechanisms to understand and promote emotional and physical health and academic success. The group's areas of focus include advising, overall workload, use of tutoring, and other academic support services.

2016-2017 Co-Chairs:

Staff:  Amanda Graham, Executive Director, Environmental Solutions Initiative
Staff:  Jennifer Weisman, Academic Administrator, Chemistry
Student: Alexandra Rieger, Graduate Student, Media Lab

Committee Members:

Leslie Bridson, Director of Financial Aid, Student Financial Services
Gerardo Garcia-Rios, Assistant Dean, Student Support Services, UAAP
Eboney Hearn, Director, Engineering and Outreach Programs
Tchelet Segev, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2018
Jessica Landry, Assistant to the Dean, ODGE
Debora Liverman, Director, Career Services, Global Education & Career Development Center
Ri Romano, Associate Registrar, Registrar's Office
Stephen Sacca, Director, Sloan Fellows Program, Sloan School of Management
Jenny Wang, Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering
Karen Gardner, Academic Administrator, Program in Science, Technology, and Society
Anthony Rojas, Graduate Student, Chemistry
Janet Fischer, Graduate Administrator, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science