Help Seeking


The Increase Help-Seeking working group is seeking to increase the likelihood that students in need will seek help. Working group members are focusing on ways to reduce stigma, increase the awareness and understanding of resources, and clarify policies.

2016-2017 Co-Chairs:

Staff: Jared Berezin, Lecturer, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
Staff: Leslie Bottari, Staff Associate, Advising and Academic Programming
Student: Lorraine Wong, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2017

Committee Members:

Scott Alessandro, Director Undergraduate Education Office, Sloan School of Management
Molly Brennan, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2018
Tom Fisher, Senior Administrative Assistant, School of Science
Lauren Haynie, Special Assistant to the AD, DAPER
Libby Hsu, Instructor, D-Lab
Cassandra Silvia, Program Head for Access and Information Services, MIT Libraries
Jessie Stickgold-Sarah, Lecturer, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
David Dellal, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2017
Madeline Perez, Graduate Student, Sloan School of Management
Christi Cook, Graduate Student, Biological Engineering