Life skills
Life Skills

Life Skills

The Life Skills working group is examining how best to teach healthy ways to cope with college life. Their areas of focus include managing friendships and relationships, problem-solving, decision-making, identifying and managing emotions, self-caring, and finding life purpose, meaning, and identity.

2016-2017 Co-Chairs:

Staff: Meghan Kenney, Assistant Dean, New Student Programming, Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programing
Staff: Joseph Zimakas, Staff ASsociate, Student Support Services
Student: Eva Breitenbach, Graduate Student, Sloan School of Management

Committee Members:

Thea Keith-Lucas, Episcopal Chaplain, Religious Life
Bonny Kellermann, Director of Special Constituencies, Office of Leadership Giving
Melanie Parker, Executive Director, Global Education and Career Development Center
Meredith Pepin, Assistant Director, Global Education and Career Development Center
Vienna Rothberg, Program Manager, MIT Medical
Sally Susnowitz, Director, DSLx Life Learning, DSL
Lawrence Wong, Graduate Student, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Amy Glasmeier, Professor, Department of Urban Studies