Members of the Wellness working group are looking at ways to create a healthy, balanced environment through health promotion and self-care skill building in areas such as stress and time management, sleep, nutrition, and exercise. 

2016-2017 Co-Chairs:

Staff: Alexis Ertzner, Coordinator, Student Life Office, Sloan School of Management
Staff: Liz Looker, Assistant Director, Sloan Undergraduate Education, Sloan School of Management
Student: Victoria Spiegel, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2019

Committee Members:

Sara Egan, Senior Research Information Analyst, Corporate Relations Industrial Liaison Program
Adam Reynolds, Blue Ocean Faith Chaplain, Department of Religious Life
Avira Som, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2017
Stephanie Smith, Director of Fitness and Member Services, DAPER
Anna Robinson, Sr. Work-Life Representative, Human Resources
Libby Reed, Career Development Specialist, Global Education and Career Center
Naomi Carton, Associate Dean, Residence Life Programs
Dylan Bianchi, Graduate Student, Linguistics and Philosophy
Carmen Saracho, Head of House Spouse, Residence Life
Kathleen Vieweg, Leadership Giving Officer, Office of Leadership Giving
Sarah Johnson, Graduate Intern, DAPER