Random Acts of Kindness

RAK Week (M-F Mar. 28 - Apr. 1) is a time dedicated to connecting the MIT community through small acts of kindness and spreading happiness around campus during one of the tougher times in the year. It is also a week filled with chance meetings, and a time for students to meet members of different support resources on campus. A full schedule for the week is below. Everyone is encouraged to add spontaneous random acts... such as open doors, coffee-hours, give-aways, compliments, and surprises.

Please RSVP for the Friday dinner and Open Mic: http://goo.gl/forms/JQXkJQXUs4

Please use the #MITRAK hashtag associated with RAK Week when sharing via social media.

The Working Group on Support Staff Issues (WGSSI), a network of support staff throughout MIT, is collecting experiences of witnessing, initiating, and receiving random acts of kindness during RAK Week; all responses are identified only by timestamp via google form. The WGSSI will publish these results, and in this way chronicle both planned and spontaneous random acts of kindness experienced across campus. Bookmark the survey and share your experiences multiple times:
“WGSSI Chronicles RAK Week: Witness, Initiate, Receive” - http://goo.gl/forms/f2CWXMfpcY

Monday 3/28: RAK Week Kick-Off (Lobby 10)

On the Monday of RAK week, we hope to bring some joy and surprises to the Monday after Spring Break. We will also have a station in lobby 10 with more surprises. If you receive a kindness . . . pass it on. . .

Tuesday 3/29: Peer-to-Peer Resources and Passing on Flowers (Lobby 10)

Members of Peer-to-Peer resources will be in Lobby 10. You will be able to put faces to the student peer resources available on campus hear about. Volunteers will be stationed around campus, hand out flowers and ask people to pass them on – much like we did for introducing RAK.

Wednesday 3/30: Institute Support Resources (Lobby 10)

Volunteers will hand out goody bags and tell people to pass them on.  Along with this, we will have members of institutional support resource groups in Lobby 10 to help members of the campus connect and meet them.

Thursday 3/31: DIY RAK Hacks

Thursday will be a day of miscellaneous acts of kindness. We encourage people to go out of their way to do something nice for someone else. We will have the #MITRAK hashtag associated with witnessing an act of kindness, and sharing it via social media.

Friday 4/1: Community-Wide Open-Mic Night: “Let’s Talk About It” (Media Lab)

On the last day of RAK week, Friday April 1, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., in the Media Lab’s Upper Atrium—the third floor central space in E14, we will hold an open mic night titled, Let’s Talk About It. This event will be open to all members of the MIT community and will allow members of the community to speak openly and candidly about struggles they’ve faced at MIT, how they overcame their struggles, what they are still going through etc. People are encouraged to share thoughts, poems, acts, spoken word, and more in a safe and respectful environment. We will first set the mood of the event by having invited speakers (students/staff/faculty), and then opening the floor to everyone. RSVP: http://goo.gl/forms/JQXkJQXUs4