The Connectedness working group is focused on increasing connections among campus, family, and friends and on reducing loneliness and isolation. Members are looking at ways to build supportive relationships and stronger connections through peer programs, residential experiences, activities to promote tolerance and inclusion, and reaching out to isolated students.


  Kiley Clapper, Graduate Administrator, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Staff:  Monica Marie Orta, Assistant Director, Diversity and Student Support, Program in Media Arts and Science
Student: Bettina Arkhurst, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2018

Committee Members:
Ari Epstein, Lecturer, Terrascope
Emily Neil, Program Manager, MIT Program in Women's and Gender Studies
Zoe Redstone-Rothstein, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2017
Julie Vaughn, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2020
Kayleigh Durm, Volunteer Assistant Coach, DAPER