Department Support Project

MindHandHeart (MHH), in its first two years, has focused directly on students and community-wide efforts, tapping community creativity and innovation to address issues of student mental well-being.  Hallmarks of our impact in 2016-17 include 229 MHH-sponsored events attended by over 4,400 people supported by 150 community volunteers.  The Innovation Fund has launched 40 projects and 11 of those have become self-sustaining.     

In the coming year, we anticipate taking what we have learned across the Institute and applying those lessons in support of department heads, as they in turn work to advance a healthy, welcoming, and thriving academic climate in their departments.   

In AY 17-18, MindHandHeart (MHH) will pilot an effort in several academic departments to share best practices and coordinate enhancements in order to strengthen the welcoming and inclusive nature of our academic climates.   

Each academic department is unique, and our goal is to build on the strength of existing practices while incorporating new insights and approaches that will have a positive impact on all members of department communities.  

Working with the Chancellor and the Provost, MHH will serve in a bridging capacity, bringing together department leaders, data analysts, students, and key campus experts in the areas of student life, teaching and learning, diversity and inclusion, and human resources.   

The pilot – called the MindHandHeart Department Support Project (MHH-DSP)--  is an innovation in itself, exploring the potential of reducing ‘silos’ and helping departments learn from one another.