In academic year 2016-17, MindHandHeart worked to spread 'heart' across campus through a number of channels sponsored events, our Innovation Fund projects, working groups, and other initiatives designed to make MIT a healthier, more welcoming place.

A brief list of our accomplishments include:

  • 229 MindHandHeart sponsored events
  • Over 4,400 attendees at MindHandHeart events
  • Over 150 community members volunteered with MindHandHeart
  • $55,031 was awarded to AY16-17 Innovation Fund winners
  • 18 new Innovation Fund projects
  • 11 AY15-16 Innovation Fund projects are now self-sustaining
  • 40 Innovation Fund projects have been funded to date with over $130,000 awarded
  • Every incoming AY16-17 freshman student participated in Kognito, an online training module providing strategies for supporting peers in distress
  • Every incoming AY17-18 freshman student will receive a copy of Portraits of Resilience, a book capturing the stories of MIT community members who have overcome adversity
  • 2,871 paired connections via MIT Connect, a digital platform pairing members of the MIT community for platonic, one-on-one lunches (also supported by ODGE)