Grant Recipients

Spring 2024

East Campus REX Welcome Week
For the final year of renovations at East Campus, East Campus REX Welcome Week, aims to maintain community engagement and support while ensuring incoming freshmen feel embraced and connected despite the temporary loss of our shared physical space. Through innovative approaches, they seek to foster a welcoming environment that sustains the vibrant EC community spirit during this transition period. (For more info: rachelai@mit.edu)  

Gratitude Letter Writing
Gratitude Letter Writing is an event where participants will craft and send heartfelt letters of appreciation to MIT community members and acquaintances. Attendees will have access to letter-making supplies and enjoy lunch together, with the letters being mailed out after the event. It's an opportunity to spread positivity and express gratitude within the MIT community. (For more info: akhilan@mit.edu)  

Holding Space for Dialogues Across Difference: A Compassionate Systems Workshop Series
Holding Space for Dialogues Across Difference: A Compassionate Systems Workshop Series aims to enhance our community's capacity for dialogue, compassionate listening, and systems thinking, fostering more collaborative and understanding relationships. In response to the current divisive climate, this initiative provides a safe space for skill-building, enabling participants to engage with respect, compassion, and care as we navigate complex issues together. (For more info: lanacook@mit.edu)  

LGBTQIA+ Allies Queer Cabaret: An Arts-led Interdisciplinary Celebration of Gender Expression at MIT
The LGBTQIA+ Allies Queer Cabaret is a dynamic five-hour event that celebrates gender diversity through student-led installations, cabaret performances, and invited guests from the international LGBTQIA+ community. With a core team of student planners, performers, and installations, this interdisciplinary celebration aims to bring together up to 750 attendees to honor and amplify the voices of MIT's LGBTQIA+ communities and allies. (For more info: pills@media.mit.edu)  

The Great Book of Research, Reflections and Rants: a Comic about MIT Graduate Student Experiences
This initiative aims to shed light on the often overlooked experiences of graduate students at MIT. Through relatable comics capturing their everyday challenges and triumphs, this initiative aims to foster empathy, knowledge-sharing, and community building among students. By sharing personal stories in a fun and accessible format, the comic provides valuable insight into the graduate student experience, bridging the gap between perceptions and realities of life at MIT. (For more info: malalawi@mit.edu)  

Tomato Lounge
Tomato Lounge, proposed by UA Innovation, is set to become a go-to space for students seeking a comfortable and productive environment between classes. Located on the 3rd floor of Building 16, with its proximity to key classrooms and ample natural lighting, the lounge will be equipped with furniture, lighting, and decor to facilitate both relaxation and studying. (For more info: phunga@mit.edu)  

Transfer Student Appreciation Weekend
Transfer Student Appreciation Weekend is a community-building initiative designed to foster a sense of belonging among transfer students at MIT. Through a series of activities spanning Friday to Sunday, including T-shirt designing, bowling, movie screenings, and catered meals, students will have opportunities for self-expression and bonding. Facilitated by the Undergraduate Advising Center, the weekend also features team-building exercises and educational presentations to further support students' integration into the MIT community. (For more info: bottari@mit.edu

Voices of Solidarity from Palestine and Israel
Voices of Solidarity for Palestine and Israel is an event series featuring joint Israeli-Palestinian organizations and initiatives based on the ground in Israel and Palestine. These organizations work together across ethnic, national, religious, and social divides in the areas of peace activism, education, arts, language, and culture. (For more info: rgregor@mit.edu

Fall 2023

Addir First-Year Experience
The Addir First-Year experience at MIT will address the challenge of new students feeling overwhelmed and disconnected by offering a structured pathway to foster friendships and belonging in the diverse community. Through this initiative, students develop essential communication skills and deepen self-awareness, enabling them to navigate university life with authenticity and understanding across lines of difference. (For more info: kanna254@mit.edu)  

FemMITrics aims to establish a supportive community for women in STEM at MIT and those involved in gender-diverse research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. By transforming sporadic events into a sustainable ecosystem, the goal is to empower and amplify individuals advancing science while promoting data equity, inclusive practices, and ethical AI principles. (For more info: usnehal@mit.edu)  

Festival for Black Imaginations, Innovation & Community
The Festival for Black Imaginations, Innovation & Community is a student-led initiative aimed at celebrating innovation and fostering community among Black and Indigenous students, staff, and faculty at MIT. Through workshops and intentional programming, the event goes beyond mere representation to facilitate meaningful conversations, connections, and joy, empowering participants to explore creative boundaries while promoting intersectional understanding and healing. (For more info: akcole@mit.edu)  

Indigenous Students and Culture Deserve Support at MIT
The Indigenous Students and Culture Deserve Support at MIT initiative aims to educate the broader MIT community about the significance of Indigenous cultures while providing vital support for Indigenous students' mental, emotional, and cultural well-being. This will be achieved through a series of events including film screenings, speaker engagements, and maker nights, fostering awareness, connection, and empowerment within the community. (For more info: kgee@mit.edu)  

Interwoven: The Interdisciplinarity of Sustainability at MIT
The Interwoven initiative at MIT introduces a two-piece physical installation complemented by an open-access digital twin, showcasing the breadth of transdisciplinary sustainable development efforts across the campus. Designed for dynamic interaction, the installation encourages participants to explore and engage with climate action initiatives at MIT, fostering a deeper understanding and involvement in sustainability efforts. (For more info: slwilson@mit.edu; spreeda@mit.edu; malalawi@mit.edu)  

Lights All The Way Down
Lights All the Way Down aims to enhance social connections within Random Hall by installing light boards on every floor, signaling residents' social presence and encouraging visits to other floors. The interconnected boards will use radio communication and a centralized control box in the dorm's basement, facilitating seamless interaction and fostering a sense of community across the residence hall. (For more info: holdenew@mit.edu)  

MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team
MIT SEVT (Solar Electric Vehicle Team) is dedicated to enhancing students’ confidence and skills in engineering, teamwork, and leadership through the ambitious project of designing, manufacturing, and testing a road-legal multi-occupancy solar-powered vehicle. As a student-led team, they learn through experiencing and problem-solving real-world design challenges, preparing themselves to excel in sustainable transportation. (For more info: mmc17@mit.edu

New Moon Ceremonies
This initiative invites participants to embrace the energy of the new moon by engaging in centering exercises that foster connections with nature and honor moments of creativity and rest. It offers a space to break away from the pressure of constant productivity and encourages Indigenous people and allies to join in this ritual of self-care and reflection. (For more info: nlytton@mit.edu

Trash to Treasure! Fun Design Competitions on Campus
This initiative is a series of mini-competitions. The MIT community is challenged to creatively repurpose various forms of waste, from copy paper to banana peels, in innovative and sustainable ways. With four themed competitions, they aim to celebrate winners who exemplify inventive solutions while promoting a culture of creativity and environmental consciousness. (For more info: birucao@mit.edu; yiqingw@mit.edu

VISTA Holiday Celebrations
VISTA strives to unite international visiting students, providing them with a sense of community and celebration during the holiday season when many cannot return home. By offering an opportunity to experience Thanksgiving and other American traditions together, VISTA aims to create lasting memories and a positive cultural exchange for visiting students, fostering a sense of belonging and connection during their time abroad. (For more info: montanel@mit.edu

Spring 2023

Alarms for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) 
ASAP aims to empower the female/LGBTQ+ MIT communities by promoting preventative measures for sexual harassment and assault. Through a kick-off speaker event they aspire to unite the entire MIT community in improving anti-sexual harassment/assault action and safety on/off campus. (For more info: xtinakim@mit.edu

BGSA Group Study 2023: Literature, Language & Liberation 
This initiative is a weekly reading group, dedicating four it its sessions to discussing the book, "Linguistic Justice Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy" by Prof. April Baker-Bell. The final session will feature a talk with a Q&A by Prof. April Baker-Bell. The attendees are planning a large-scale project, grounded on related themes from the book. (For more info: legerme@mit.edu)

Designing out Food Waste in MIT Undergraduate Residence Halls: Students Leading the Way 
The goal of this project is to expand food waste collection to all undergraduate residence halls at MIT through a student-driven, scale-able, and collaborative community-building approach. Along with the support from the MIT Office of Sustainability and MIT Housing, infrastructure for collection would be expanded to the undergraduate dorms and communities of sustainability-oriented students. These students will support and be responsible for successful waste education and collection. (For more info: mstok@mit.edu)

How to Build an Engine 
The project seeks to organize a one-week summer workshop for students to build a fully functional internal combustion engine from scratch.The workshop was successfully run over IAP and provides a unique opportunity for students outside course 2.16 to immerse themselves in the makerspace culture on campus. Through this hands-on experience, participants will develop intensive skills in CAM and machining, and further engage with the makerspace community on campus. (For more info: zyong@mit.edu)

Latinx Graduation Celebration 
The Latinx Graduate Students Association (LGSA) and Latino Cultural Center (LCC) are coming together to plan MIT’s first-ever Latinx-focused graduation celebration for undergraduate and graduate students alike. The collective vision for this initiative is to have an esteemed guest speaker who will be introduced by faculty, alumni, and the leaders of the Latinx student organizations, on a day that will include refreshments and photo opportunities for the awarding of stoles to be worn by graduates during the ONEMIT commencement ceremony the following day. This groundbreaking event aims to honor the sacrifices of both the students and their families, with the goal to become an established tradition for years to come. (For more info: albertf@mit.edu)

Let’s Design Board Games! Explore a Playful Way to Tackle Social and Cultural Issues 
"Let's Design Board Games!" is a series of student-led, two-week-long, board game design workshops help in-person. It is open to anyone in the MIT community, regardless of background and experience. The initiative will focus on teaching how to deliver designs that tackle social and cultural issues and incorporate inclusive conversations in the design process. (For more info: duanmu@mit.edu)

LOST Presents: Anon(ymous) 
LOST’s spring show, Anon(ymous), highlights the immigrant & refugee experience. It’s a diverse play that combines comedic, heartwarming, horrific, and dramatic scenes, following Anon’s journey across America through parallels to the Odyssey. (For more info: cimao@mit.edu)

Represent HER 
“Represent HER, Female Architect” is led by Shift+W, a student initiative exploring the complexities of female representation in the built environment. With this project, they hope to collectively brainstorm tools (resources) for their toolbox (catalyst of resources around gender) for the MIT Architecture community and beyond. (For more info: inawu@mit.edu)

Tea and Ink Fragrance 
The goal of this project is to create a serene and immersive Chinese cultural space by utilizing two primary elements: tea-tasting and Chinese calligraphy. By offering this space, the project promotes relaxation, enjoyment, and a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture, while providing an opportunity for students to reduce stress, connect with each other, and find a sense of belonging. (For more info: kangzhou@mit.edu)

Fall 2022

AAI Garden and Cooking Workshops 
The MIT Asian American Initiative plans to continue the garden they started where  they grow cultural vegetables and plants. The MIT Asian American Initiative will also host cooking workshops, for those interested in learning about the different foods heritage and what traditions the foods are connected to. (For more info: felixli@mit.edu)

AAI Rooted Zine 
MIT Asian American Initiative is producing its fourth edition of the Rooted Zine. Rooted Zine is a magazine which strives to uplift Asian American voices. This year, in preparation of soliciting art and writing submissions, AAI plans to host various creative workshops and art opportunities around campus. (For more info: xzhao31@mit.edu)

Breaking into Dance 
Partnering with the local street dance nonprofit The Flavor Continues, Imobilare, MIT’s breakdancing club, is offering free beginner classes to the entire MIT community. (For more info: jerryz@mit.edu)

Camp Kesem Giving Tuesday    
To promote the spirit of Giving Tuesday (GT) and support the MIT community, counselors will be divided into 8-10 person Pods to lead their own Giving Challenge of choice that supports MIT students/faculty/staff.  (For more info: timmybui@mit.edu)

Children's book: Tim Wants to be Wide        
Tim Wants to be Wide will be a fully illustrated book that details Wide Tim, a very happy beaver who is widely known on campus, and his adventure as he roams through MIT and its rich culture of innovation and creativity. Read along as Wide Tim attempts to make himself as wide as possible with new experiences. (For more info: mzheng01@mit.edu)

Cultural Exchange @ MIT
Cultural Exchange @ MIT initiative will start by celebrating the 2022 International Education Week (Nov 14-18) through a series of cultural events. At the end of the week, a new MIT International students led committee will be formed to support international students' inclusion on MIT campus. (For more info: otantawi@mit.edu)

Food Security & Me @ MIT    
This project aims to improve food security among graduate students. The initiative will provide short-term relief with food and kitchen supplies. There will be “make-your-own-meal” stations along with recipes for graduate students to use. The initiative also aims to provide long-term relief through periodic workshops, info sessions on support resources, and by encouraging students to interact with MIT offices for support. (For more info: kstorme@mit.edu

Graduate Student Open Conversation Series    
A series of 3 lunches in the spring semester open to all graduate students. Participants at the lunches will be split into small groups. Each group will select a prompt and have a facilitated round-robin discussion using the coaching mindset. The provided prompts address challenges that graduate students commonly experience. (For more info: jy_wang@mit.edu)

Map MIT!    
Inspired by CityLab's lockdown maps and citizen science, Map MIT! Hackathon encourages MIT community members to create and share digital maps that describe what they see, hear, feel, and even desire at MIT. This initiative aims to create maps that tell the story of every individual MIT community member. (For more info: ccong2@mit.edu)

MIT [Mysterious] Book Exchange    
Building on the success of the Fall 2021 event, MIT Libraries seeks to expand the Book Exchange to include a larger variety of books, for people to adopt, as well as an in-person event to help foster community among avid readers on and off campus. The Book Exchange will not only permit community members to share reading recommendations, but also a chance to connect with one another in person. (For more info: ninadm@mit.edu

MIT Recycling Lab    
To promote a more sustainable future for the Institute, this project allows MIT to recycle a portion of its plastic locally or on-campus itself. On campus students use a lot of plastics in labs, maker spaces, in 3D printing, and Injection molding. This initiative aims to start a pilot project that determines the viability of recycling plastic on campus in our maker spaces with a goal of significantly reducing MIT's virgin plastic intake over the next few years. (For more info: jainanu@mit.edu)

MIT Veterans Day Celebration    
The MIT Student Veteran Association hosted a celebration/symposium bringing MIT Veterans (student, faculty, and staff) together with the greater MIT community. Two keynote speakers addressed the audience and the event honored the service of all MIT Veterans and aspired to promote inclusiveness, shared understanding, and respect amongst the MIT community. (For more info: nuckel@mit.edu)

Projections 17 MIT/Indigenous Community Launch Event    
This is the first-ever community-building launch event for Projections––MIT’s flagship urban planning journal. This launch event convenes Indigenous leaders, scholars and artists, alongside non-Indigenous urban planning scholars and practitioners, to collectively discuss building Indigenous futures, and to build long-term community-university partnerships to strengthen MIT’s role in Indigenous struggles. (For more info: dle@gmail.com)

Race, Place, and Modernity in the Americas    
A for-credit IAP course conducted in Brazil which examines the relationship between race and place in the development of modern Brazil and the U.S. through interdisciplinary study of literature, film, visual art, music, and performance. Focusing on the work of Black and Indigenous people, particularly women, the course studies how art and cultural activism can have an impact on racial justice issues. (For more info: jsterron@mit.edu)

Spring 2022

Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood 
The Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) is working with departments across MIT to organize a luncheon for MIT students to learn how to find culturally significant but also affordable food in the area. (For more info: eaguiar@mit.edu)

Edgerton Center- Interphase Enhancement Program 
A program that expands and enhances Interphase’s Summer 2022 session by offering students the experience of collaborating in teams, building their engineering projects, and introducing themselves to MIT’s maker culture. (For more info: mayerc@mit.edu)

Medical Interpreter Training 
This 4-week IAP course will train multilingual MIT community members in core principles, standards of practice, and medical terminology. Participants will be qualified to work or volunteer as interpreters in healthcare settings upon completion. (For more info: jmongo@mit.edu

Minor Feelings Book Event and Keynote Speaker 
The Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) is working on a hybrid event to commemorate Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Centered around Cathy Park Hong and her book “Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning” this event will highlight the issues that the Asian American community faces. (For more info: maihnial@mit.edu)

Muslim Mental Health Book Club
A wellness activity, starting as a book club with periodic gatherings to discuss “Reclaim Your Heart” by Yasmin Mogahed. Following the completion of the book, Yasmin Mogahed will join the MIT community for an in-person seminar. (For more info: ifrah@mit.edu)

Queer Space: A Living Archive at MIT 
This project invites a team of MIT undergraduate and graduate students to reflect on the MIT campus’s historical and contemporaneous queer spaces. (For more info: aflynn@mit.edu)

MIT South Asian History Project 
This digital archive and exhibition celebrate the accomplishments, technical expertise, and ingenuity of multiple generations of South Asians at MIT. (For more info: nureen@mit.edu)

Student Veterans Lounge
A community-building project that focuses on creating a space to help bring together the veteran community at MIT. (For more info: keverett@mit.edu)

Chemical Engineering Faculty and Undergraduate Book Club 
A community-building club that connects students, faculty, and staff through books written by authors of color. (For more info: scorner3@mit.edu)

Chemical Engineering PhDCEP Student and Alumni Mentorship Program
A program designed to foster connections and mentorship between current MIT Ph.D. students and MIT alumni for a small and specialized dual-degree program. (For more info: aushah@mit.edu)

Connecting Mathematics Graduate Students 
In response to the disconnectedness of the COVID-19 pandemic, MIT mathematics Ph.D. students from all year levels have responded by participating in small informal events. To form deep connections with one another and find like-minded peers within their field of study. (For more info: nmani@mit.edu)

Jelly Bean Estimation and Fun 
A fun and laid-back contest which invites MIT students to become familiar with iHQ and win prizes. (For more info: aquach@mit.edu)

LOST’S Spring production of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” 
A student theater group will put together their second-ever in-person production. Separating itself from other theater groups at MIT, LOST produces “regular” modern plays which seek to connect with the audience through the trials and tribulations of “ordinary life”. This production follows a young boy who suffers from a neurological disorder and takes the audience through his journey to discover more about his family, the world around him, and ultimately himself. (For more info: shardulc@mit.edu)

Trauma-Informed Yoga Series
DAPER in collaboration with several groups on campus will organize monthly trauma-informed Yoga workshops with certified yoga instructors for the MIT community. (For more info: elin7@mit.edu)

UA x Administration Dinner Initiative 
A virtual dinner focused on fostering connections between MIT undergraduate students and key administrators at MIT. (For more info: shrutir@mit.edu)

Fall 2020 - Round 13

Stay-at-Home Scavenger Hunt
The Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) is working with departments across MIT to organize a scavenger hunt for MIT students to stay connected with online resources. (For more info: iriass@mit.edu)

MIT Reads: Anthony Jack Author Event
A virtual event for the MIT community and the general public with Anthony Jack, author of "The Privileged Poor." (For more info: ninadm@mit.edu)

Camp Kesem Giving Tuesday
An activity to build community among the Camp Kesem counselors by engaging in activities that thank and recognize MIT staff members, including MIT Medical staff. (For more info: gysong@mit.edu)

Visualizing Daily Rituals: A One-use Camera Project
Visualizing Daily Rituals at MIT List will help participants overcome physical distance with another offline project that encourages members of the MIT community to be aware of their daily rituals and immediate surroundings by documenting them in pictures. (For more info: eagarner@mit.edu)

MIT Bhangra- Engaging our Community Through Upbeat Dance
Virtual Bhangra choreography sessions for members of the MIT community to promote healthy living through dance. (For more info: bhavjain@mit.edu)

Helping the MIT Community Understand How to Turn Mindfulness Practices into Habits
A 12-week remote study with MIT community members to answer the question, "why is it so challenging to turn a new healthy behavior into a habit?" (For more info: roblewis@media.mit.edu)

The conference will bring 11 speakers from MIT to share perspectives on "Bridging the Distance." They will discuss how to create community and build connections during the pandemic. (For more info: vishruti@mit.edu)

AntiRacism Warriors
An initiative to provide residential undergraduate students training in order to serve as an in-house resource to their peers on racial injustice. (For more info: tianapc@mit.edu)

Couples at Home
Programming from MIT Spouses & Partners Connect aimed at helping couples bridge the gap between their MIT experiences and help widen their social connections in the MIT community. (For more info: vika@mit.edu)

Valentine's Day Cards
Cute math/science-themed Valentine'spostcards as a special surprise for undergraduates returning to campus, to help Q-week feel less lonely. Programming from MIT Spouses & Partners Connect aimed at helping couples bridge the gap between their MIT experiences and help widen their social connections in the MIT community. (For more info: mzheng01@mit.edu)

UA MIT Covid Hackathon
MIT's first hackathon where students ideated solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the Fall, from remote learning challenges to socialization in the COVID era, all the while collaborating with staff, faculty, and administration to strive for implementation in the Spring. (For more info: yujing6@mit.edu)

Summer 2020 - Round 12

Tackling Health Inequities using Science and Engineering 
A series of seminars spanning the fall and IAP to engage the MIT community with HMS to create technology-oriented solutions to address health care disparities. (For more info: ytekleab@mit.edu

Let's Get to Know... Celebrating Diversity at MIT 
A Podcast series to get to know others’ cultures better and broaden our perspective; to promote diversity and inclusion in our community. (For more info: bardhan@mit.edu

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Student Conference 2021: Diversity of Perspective and People
A virtual conference that focuses on (1) the broader social impacts of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and (2) the culture of research with respect to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI), mental health, scientific communication, mentoring/advising. (For more info: sandya@mit.edu

Fire Lounge
Fire Lounge, sponsored by the MindandHeart Innovation Fund is designed to support the emotional health of students who identify as Black/Brown, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC) by offering an affirming weekly space (7-weeks) which includes a brief yoga practice, guided meditation, reflection on the impact of social injustice, and discussion regarding coping skills. It is the hope that Fire Lounge enhances connection, communion and resilience.  Fire Lounge is at no cost and includes free yoga supplies for any BIPOC MIT student regardless of shape or size.  No prior experience with yoga is needed.  Fire Lounge is about enhancing one’s spirit and strength, and is in collaboration with Down Under School of Yoga.  Fire Lounge will be offered virtually during IAP and Spring Semester.

Distilled Wisdom: Practices for Prospering in the Pandemic
Monthly sessions will feature two seasoned practitioners and leading voices from different religious, spiritual and ethical traditions who will jointly focus on a single aspect of well-being—and each share a widely accessible practice that bolsters that quality. (For more info: adam1@mit.edu

MIT Free English Classes - Care Packages
Care packages will be sent to the MIT community members and their families participating in the free English classes offered by the Office of Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life. (For more info: mdean@mit.edu)

FAIL! - Inspiring Resilience - the Virtual Engagement
FAIL! is an initiative by MIT students and post-docs to de-stigmatize failures in academia. In times of public health crises and geopolitical uncertainties, a virtual FAIL! programming tailors to the exact need of the community members to stay resilient. (For more info: zrichard@mit.edu

MIT For Social Good: Public Service at MIT
The project aims to give MIT's many stakeholders a centralized place (e.g. site) to go to find all social impact-related opportunities, increasing engagement and collaboration in the MIT environment of social impact. (For more info: kiaraw@mit.edu

The Great Escape
Students will be put in teams to explore and connect with each other during The Escape Game. The project aims at promoting teamwork and problem solving skills. (For more info: lmcnair@mit.edu

MIT Forum for Equity
An event series produced by the MIT Alumni Association aiming to convene MIT community members to learn about and/or address systemic racism, inequity, and challenges around inclusion affecting the world today. (For more info: jmcg@mit.edu

MIT Crafterday Corner
A series of once a month crafting over Zoom with the MIT community on the first Monday of the month. (For more info: lmcnair@mit.edu)

Terranium Making Wellness Event
A socially distance series of terrarium making event for graduate students in the School of Architecture and Planning to promote community, mental health, and wellness. (For more info: fma2@mit.edu)

MIT Flash Fiction Contest
A series of monthly contests run throughout the MIT community, encouraging community members to share stories based on monthly themes.(For more info: sharonl@mit.edu)

Happy Club Fall 2020
The club has many fun events planned to spread smiles virtually to MIT students this fall! In order to fulfill our mission of bringing simple happiness to the MIT community, we would greatly appreciate funding for movie nights, care packages, origami parties, and more. (For more info: mayhuang@mit.edu)

Busy Beavers
The project aims to maintain some semblance of the MIT community throughout the pandemic, through the Discord server. (For more info: lebrandt@mit.edu)

Mindful DAPER
The project will pilot and evaluate the utility, engagement with, and impact of the evidence-based meditation app, Headspace, on wellbeing and perceived stress. (For more info: skj18@mit.edu)

The project will connect Ph.D. students (big sibs) with undergraduates (little sibs). The program will subsidize matched students to meet via Zoom and dine together. (For more info: mohitkarnani@gmail.com)

MIT Postdoc Buddy-Buddy Program
A ‘buddy’ program is designed to welcome new postdocs by pairing them with current postdocs in a systematic manner to help them build academically and mentally supportive communities. (For more info: joomjun@mit.edu)

Mindfulness & Leadership Reflection Journals
The club will provide students with reflection journals along with two virtual events to share journal entries and reflections throughout the semester. (For more info: ramosjl@mit.edu)

Cultured Cooking
Cultured Cooking is an initiative which inspires participants to become confident and cultured cooks! Our goal is to empower the MIT community to develop a healthier relationship with quarantine consumption while exploring foods of cultures around the world. (For more info: tbaum@mit.edu)

Mirchi Virtual Production
This Indian fusion dance team will put together a performance that will involve a story, different costumes for songs, and video editing to put it all together. (For more info: shreyap@mit.edu)

Engineering Nutrition: The Building Blocks of Health
The 5-part nutrition education web series will demonstrate how to prepare quick, affordable, and dorm friendly meal and snack options to sustain your bodies and minds to succeed at MIT and beyond. (For more info: danni.p.oneill@gmail.com)

Dr. Angela Davis MIT Keynote Speaker
Dr. Angela Davis will virtually be at MIT to talk about her experience with social justice and activism. This project is meant to educate all members of campus (students, staff, faculty) about anti-racism and allyship on a global scale. (For more info: scorner3@mit.edu)

MUSE Project (Music Unites: Songs for Equity)
This project is a collaborative series of virtual performances as a tribute to the unsung accomplishments of black/minority composers. The group will perform solo or in chamber groups in order to spread recognition of the composers and raise funds for organizations serving these communities. (For more info: muse-project-exec@mit.edu)

MIT Reads-- Community Conversations
Community Conversations: Black Voices will be a one-time virtual reading featuring writers from the MIT community and greater-Cambridge community. (For more info: skohler@mit.edu)

Quidditch Fitness Challenge
The Quidditch Fitness Challenge looks to promote healthy habits in a fun-filled way during the COVID-19-induced virtual fall semester. Students can earn brilliant prizes through exciting challenges, ranging from virtual workouts to a House Cup. (For more info: itorres@mit.edu)

Diversity & Inclusion at IMES/HST Learning
In the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES)/Health Sciences & Technology (HST), the staff formed a learning club to engage in trainings and discussions about diversity and inclusion while also finding constructive ways to take action. They aim to create an anti-discriminatory, diverse, and inclusive work environment. (For more info: allisonx@mit.edu)

Hive@Home: Fall '20 Edition
The Hive@Home: Fall ‘20 Edition aims to foster a gardening community among remote students. By providing indoor herb and mushroom garden kits and facilitating virtual shared learning calls, the program will connect students to nature, promote gardening as a hobby, and most importantly, unite students as “One MIT.” (For more info: schao@mit.edu)

MIT Musical Theater Guild Dance Hour
This project works to provide MIT Musical Theater Guild participants who attend a weekly dance class with safer dancing equipment as well as props/dance tools that may be useful to help participants grow as a dancer. (For more info: kathahn@mit.edu)

The Color of Science Fiction
A community building afternoon event, starting as a book club, but hopefully expanding to other media as well. The club will read books by people of color, who include characters of color, books that are amazing prizewinning jewels. (For more info: slarkin@mit.edu)

MIT in COVID-Era Podcast
To inform and unite the MIT community, three undergraduates will be hosting a weekly 30 minute podcast to talk about MIT life during the COVID-era, including how classes work, how students stay social, and how we’re coming to terms with the new ‘normal.’ (For more info: jessica.yen.j@gmail.com)

Spring 2020 - Round 11

Fitness and Resiliency: The Power to Thrive
A 12-session Physical Education and Wellness course offered for points that is focused fitness and the science and application of resiliency skills, providing students with the permission to take care of themselves in order to manage life’s stressors and maximize energy to reach personal goals. (For more info: skj18@mit.edu.)

Peer Mentoring Program - Chemistry Graduate Students
An integrated mentoring program matching new graduate students to current graduate students in order to provide support, advice, and resources during the first two years of graduate school. The program will feature one-on-one peer mentoring, in addition to broader community mentoring. (For more info: jweisman@mit.edu.)

Conflict Management Training for the MIT-WHOI Joint Program and EAPS Community
The goal of this funding application is to provide students in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program and the EAPS department at MIT with a professionally-run conflict management training. (For more info: apacini@mit.edu.)

America’s Path Forward, better understanding through shared experiences at MIT
This project enables the scale-up of an inclusive civic activity that invites the entire MIT community to share questions and experiences that they feel our nation must address, and participate in facilitated group discussions. This process is empowered by technology that helps everyone explore diverse perspectives and find common ground. (For more info: ceasar@mit.edu.)

BElong.mit.edu is a public, departmental website, running parallel to the official BE website be.mit.edu, whose mission is an "introduction to the wide and wonderful assortment of humans who make up the [MIT Department of Biological Engineering (aka BE, aka Course 20) in an effort to understand, escalate and expand belonging." (For more info: ddarling@mit.edu.)

Summer Yoga
Weekly online yoga lessons for members of the Westgate and Eastgate communities over the summer. The level of difficulty will be suitable for beginners and can slowly be increased over the course of the summer based on participants progress. (For more info: tellbach@mit.edu.)

Calm Down with Coloring
A project to bring coloring books and pencils to adults and kids of the Westgate Community to provide students with an activity that is both calming and offline. (For more info: tellbach@mit.edu.)

Draw with Me
An informal, weekly “hangout in a virtual studio” organized to provide an avenue for the MIT community to pause and refresh through watching art or drawing together online. (For more info: poncesam@mit.edu.)

Self-Care in Community
The BGSA Self-Care in Community initiative will send a variety of care package kits to 50 of its members to support the multiple dimensions of self care that will cater to the many different personalities and interests of the community, while supporting small Black-owned businesses during this time of economic devastation. (For more info: ufuoma@mit.edu.)

Staying Human Podcast and Discussion Series
Staying Human is a podcast and discussion series where the broader MIT community and prominent guests can explore how to hold on to our humanity in this time of social distancing. (For more info: gepstein@mit.edu.)

A virtual environment where you can work, hold meetings, or socialize! The volume is scaled accordingly to how far you are to each of your fellow peers providing a unique close but fun experience. (For more info: kevin21@mit.edu.)

The Future is Latina
Hermanas Unidas is hosting a virtual event with a Latina writer to speak to the underrepresented Latina community at MIT. (For more info: sharonv@mit.edu.)

MIT Press Live! Virtual Author Talk Series
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MIT Press launched MIT Press Live!, a weekly virtual author talk series aimed at building vibrant online communities. (For more info: kswilson@mit.edu.)

Lumos is a series of workshops for the MIT community to make creative crafts. These workshops aim to bring a sense of joy and develop camaraderie despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. (For more info: olivias@mit.edu.)

Happy Working From Home
Under the current stressful COVID-19 situation, we want to create a happier home working environment for graduate students in EECS by providing them with Happy Light and Coloring kits. (For more info: ztyang@mit.edu.)

CovEd Continuing Education
A virtual community connecting students from higher ed institutions with low income, K-12 students in need of academic support during school shutdowns. (For more info: sarahmd@mit.edu.)

Muslim Mental Health Dialogues
A series of discussions on mental health concerns within the Muslim community, focused on youth. (For more info: rhaider@mit.edu.)

Asian Pacific Heritage Month
A project to raise awareness of Asian American events and milestones through t-shirts and a digital campaign. (For more info: alanac@mit.edu.)

COVID-19 Impact on Academic Well-being of Lab-based STEM Doctoral Students at their Research Midpoint
An interview study that explores the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic on the academic wellbeing of 30 lab-based STEM doctoral students at their training midpoint, three-to-four years into their research. (For more info: jrankin@mit.edu.)

Diaspora Recipe
A website with recipes for healthy, affordable meals that encourages diaspora students to stay connected with our heritages and engage in healing and community work. (For more info: seminelc@mit.edu.)

Virtual Paint Bar
A virtual paint bar where undergraduate students can sign up to receive a painting kit and participate in a virtual lesson. A student or teacher will lead the lesson on painting Killian or the Boston skyline. (For more info: shreyap@mit.edu.)

Sticker Making Project for MIT’s COVID-19 Response
A project to mail positive and affirming stickers to the MIT community. (For more info: azshen@mit.edu.)

Loneliness and its Effects on Academic Performance
A project to understand the effects of loneliness on academic outcomes and students’ beliefs surrounding loneliness, e.g. whether students underestimate the benefits of social interaction. (For more info: fionac@mit.edu.)

Stand-Up Comedy Class with Last Comic Standing’s Dan Crohn
A project offering online stand-up comedy classes to the MIT community, taught by comedian Dan Crohn. (For more info: cblais@mit.edu.)

Fall 2019 - Round 10

Natural Inspiration
Nature retreat for MIT community to take walks, meditate, do yoga, and appreciate colors and patterns in nature with an emphasis on using this technique to overcome depression. (For more info: western@westernbonime.com)

A health focussed student group promoting nutritious, affordable, and efficient cooking/eating on campus. (For more info: jkern@mit.edu)

DUSP Recipes from Home
A cookbook compiled by members of the DUSP community that seeks to strengthen relationships through the sharing of cultural and culinary traditions. (For more info: calef@mit.edu)

IDSS Presents: Intelligence Demands Super Relaxation
A program to provide IDSS students with de-stressing equipment to promote relaxation. (For more info: vilgalys@mit.edu)

Save TFP Grand Care Packages Event
A fun social event where students can make care packages for their friends. (For more info: cnoble@mit.edu)

The Aunties and Uncles Freshman Mentorship Program
A mentorship program to strengthen the support network for first-year students in the MIT African Students Association. (For more info: kakokomd@mit.edu)

Mindful MIT
An initiative to increase student's self-awareness and mental well-being. (For more info: yefan@mit.edu)

Spill the Tea
A monthly program connecting graduate students of color and their allies around tea to promote sense of community and belonging. (For more info: darienaw@mit.edu)

Chop Stir Hack
A food magazine to showcase student recipes and provide informational articles about cooking communities and food resources on campus. (For more info: ejillian@mit.edu)

VISTA Holiday Celebration
A celebration to bring visiting students and graduate students together during the holidays. (For more info: montanel@mit.edu)

MIT Women in Econ Lunch
A student-led initiative to support women in economics by hosting monthly lunches. (For more info: iditella@mit.edu

Gratitude Project
A project to help the MIT community pause and reflect on what they are grateful for. (For more info: tenzin@mit.edu)

Sexual Harassment Culture at MIT
A panel discussion to explore how harassment affects the MIT community, the experiences of survivors, and what institutional change looks like. (For more info: couch@mit.edu)

MIT (Mysterious) Book Exchange
A book exchange for MIT community members to connect with each other in a meaningful way. (For more info: sfilipp1@mit.edu)

Discovering and Personalizing Self-Care: A Series of Workshops for MacGregor Students
A series of self-care workshops for MacGregor students to explore and customize self-care to their interests and needs as an undergraduate student. (For more info: kgee@mit.edu)

Queer Film and Crafting Nights
A monthly queer movie and crafting night to bring together LGBTQ+ individuals and allies within the biology department to educate and build community around LGBTQ+ issues. (For more info: lkinman@mit.edu)

Graduate Student Council Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (GSC-DEI) Fellows Program + gradCommunity Dialogue Series
A fellows program for students interested in making MIT more equitable, inclusive, and engaging. (For more info: blepe@mit.edu)

Noches de Cultura
An event series that utilizes Latin American arts and culture to create spaces of community and engagement. (For more info: ctorresc@mit.edu)

Cambridge Culinary Cooking Class
A cooking event at professional kitchens with an aim to build community by bringing together students and professors. (For more info: vsweeney@mit.edu)

Handling Negativity
A series to explore ancient techniques from Vedic text to handle negativity and develop positive thoughts. (For more info: sdasa@mit.edu)

There's a Space for Everyone: Performance Takeover
A campaign to host events in areas that are traditionally not seen as "for" certain marginalized identity-based groups. The hope with a takeover is to get students comfortable being in these spaces and enjoying the events in a supportive environment with other MIT community members. (For more info: lmcnair@mit.edu)

Spring 2019 - Round 9

Academy of Courageous Minority Engineers (ACME)
Biweekly lunches to engage with underrepresented MIT faculty members to build a stronger community amongst underrepresented graduate students and to improve relationships between graduate students and faculty.

Addressing Social Issues in Today's Society
A series of forums for social justice issues to increase awareness within the MIT community. (For more info: cenglish@mit.edu)

Big Gay Event
An end-of-the-semester event bringing together members of MIT’s LGBTQ+ community with food, a fashion show, and a guest speaker. (For more info: jmer@mit.edu)

Community Lunch and Learn
Monthly 1-hour lunch meetings to introduce and discuss a topic and its background related to gender issues. (For more info: mapodaca@mit.edu)

Communi-Tea: Tea Hour at Edgerton House
A weekly social hour where residents of Edgerton House conduct small community service projects. (For more info: yukiocho@mit.edu)

Composite Picnic Tables in Eatman Court
Installation of four picnic tables to provide a place for students and staff within the buildings surrounding Eastman Court to eat, socialize, and study. (For more info: erhart@mit.edu)

Department of Chemistry 5K Walk
A 5K to build community and encourage healthy habits for members of the Chemistry Department. (For more info: kclapper@mit.edu)

East Campus Rex Welcome Week
Wellness programming and the construction of a fort to bring members of the MIT community together. (For more info: katj@mit.edu)

Ebony Affair
An event organized by the Black Student Union that includes dance performances, gospel singing, drumming, spoken word, and speakers. (ozcoombs@mit.edu).

A student-led project to increase social connectivity, friendships, and information sharing in the graduate economics community through fostering relationships across Ph.D. student cohorts. (For more info: mbwong@mit.edu)

A 30-day experiment to test the efficacy of a pointed self-reflection of values and identities (the experimental condition) vs. unstructured journaling (the control condition) on mental wellbeing. (For more info: acy@mit.edu)

MIT Food Map
The project explores how MIT can build community and increase access to information on healthy food options by mapping affordability, sustainability, and location-based attributes of MIT's food system onto a community-based food map.

MIT Meditation Lab - Experiment Listen and Learn about your Mind and Body
A student-led initiative to hold space for the MIT community to experiment, listen, and learn about their minds and bodies by learning the language of mindfulness. (For more info: manuj@mit.edu)

Procrastination Station
The Procrastination Station would bring together many of the decentralized resources across campus to create time and space for students to complete stalled tasks together with support from staff. (For more info: mkirsch@mit.edu)

The Festival of Sri Krishna Janmashtami
A festival meant to break all barriers of divide and bring together MIT community through music, culture, arts, festivities, meditation, and importantly, delicious freshly made Indian dinner. (For more info: hndc@mit.edu.)

VISTA 4th of July BBQ
The goal of this event is to bring visiting students together to celebrate the 4th of July and learn the history behind it. (For more info: elena.christodoulopoulos@gmail.com)

VISTA Movie Night- Are you sure Scientific Movies are Accurate?
The VISTA movie night is an event dedicated to watching a scientific movie and then having an expert talk about the accuracy of the science in the movie. (For more info: elena.christodoulopoulos@gmail.com)

We are the World Zine
A zine surrounding immigration and the many unique immigration stories from the MIT community. (For more info: yujing6@mit.edu)

Women in STEM Week
Women in STEM Week is a series of events aimed at highlighting wellness issues, discussing what it means to be a woman in the workplace, and driving community bonding among women in STEM at MIT. (For more info: syked@mit.edu)

Fall 2018 - Round 8

A Room of Quiet
A dedicated space in Walker Memorial that students can use for medication, quiet prayer, and silent reflection. (For more info: adam1@mit.edu)

An Evening with Cameron Esposito
A panel discussion and comedy show, featuring Comedian Cameron Esposito that explores issues of gender, equality, and sexual assault. (For more info: couch@mit.edu)

Ashdown Lecture Series
An event series exploring resilience, failure, and cultivating a growth mindset. (For more info: rsb@mit.edu)

BetterMIT Makeathon
A community-focused Makeathon/Pitch challenge to improve students' physical environments, academic experiences, and mental health and sense of community. (For more info: yaatehr@mit.edu)

Bursting the MIT Bubble by getting out of Boston
The project encourages students at MIT to explore Boston and the area they live in. (For more info: baptiste@mit.edu)

Camp Kesem Giving Tuesday
A Giving Tuesday event to help make campus a warmer and happier place. (For more info: cdurr@mit.edu)

Colors Across MIT
Set of inspirational and MIT-centered coloring postcards illustrated by students, faculty, and staff across campus. (For more info: emilyhsu@mit.edu)

Cycle for Sanity
Free late-night event for undergraduate students to raise awareness of the link between exercise and mental health. (For more info: karissab@mit.edu)

EMS Heartsafe
The Heartsafe Initiative aims to increase the preparedness of MIT in the event of health emergencies by teaching CPR, AED usage, and other lifesaving skills to mitigate tragedies. (For more info: heartsafe@ems.mit.edu)

Financial Fitness
Financial literacy/fitness PE course sponsored by DAPER. (For more info: clsmoore@mit.edu)

Financial Literacy Workshops
Short workshops and forums that focus on different financial literacy topics, such as taxes, budgeting, saving, and investing. Organized by CASE. (For more info: case-exec@mit.edu)

Graduate Students FAIL! Conference
The FAIL! conference for graduate students is a smaller scale version of the FAIL! conference to encourage graduate students to share their valuable experiences with failure in education, business, or their personal life. (For more info: sbruno@mit.edu)

Special FAIL! Meetings
Special FAIL! events for a specific group of people, like, women, minorities, etc. (For more info: sbruno@mit.edu)

FAIL! Conference
A TED-Style Talk series, in which renowned leaders from academia talk about their life stories and setbacks and how they have transformed their failures into successes. (For more info: sbruno@mit.edu)

Game On Girls: A MIT Diversity in Games Initiative
Dinner bringing together women-identifying members of MIT’s gaming community. (For more info: jennycxu@mit.edu)

Good Karma
A student-led intitiative presenting MIT Community with challenges to be better people with the reward of a study break and raffle prizes.  (For more info: gmemoli@mit.edu)

Home Groups
An initiative at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning to promote cross disciplinary discussion and social interaction between a mix of students and faculty irrespective of their academic interests. (For more info: ceasar@mit.edu)

Leading Thrones
A project to celebrate under-celebrated female scientists by posting short biographical blurbs in bathrooms throughtout MIT. (For more info: kmytty@mit.edu)

Lean on Me for the MIT Graduate Community
This project will make Lean on Me (LOM) available to the graduate community. LOM is a program started by undergraduates at MIT that provides anonymous peer support via text. (For more info: ezygiel@mit.edu)

McCormick Craft Studio
A dedicated craft studio in the McCormick Hall to provide residents a space to make togther, explore new materials, share skills, and pursue personal and academic hands-on projects. (For more info: edjohnso@mit.edu)

Mind & Hand
A mechanical art piece for MIT's camous that represents the mental health issues students face. (For more info: sjchou@mit.edu)

An app recognizing good deeds performed by MIT community members. (For more info: ccarter@mit.edu)

MIT Furniture Exchange Mural
Permanent mural at the MIT Student Furniture Exchange that is painted by many volunteers. (For more info: jgparker@mit.edu)

MIT VISTA Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving dinner for visiting students so that they don't feel homesick during this family tradition holiday. (For more info: raksmy.nop@gmail.com)

Westgate: MIT families and Friends Connect Project (Community Building and Wellness)
A project to build a stronger community and togetherness for all MIT students, spouses, and families through mindful and wellness activities. (For more info: marijas@mit.edu)

Westgate: Success Starts at Home
A series of workshops and events sharing imminently practical ideas for MIT student families, so that ‘date night’, diapers, and dinner aren’t mutually exclusive with deadlines, dissertations, and degrees. (For more info: westgate-eco@mit.edu)

Yoga for Chronic Health Conditions
A series of yoga classes targeted towards managing chronic health conditions and developing a sense of community. (For more info: rzubajlo@mit.edu)

Spring 2018 - Round 7

Cozy Eddies - Lovely and Comforting SA+P Spaces the Remind Us to Pause
Pop-up picnic nooks inside building 9 to enrich daily routines with unexpected playful space. (For more info: zmueller@mit.edu)

DUSP Healthy Masculinities Discussion Group Retreat
A weekend retreat for members of the DUSP Healthy Masculinities Discussion group to engage with topics masculinity. (For more info: jaydev@mit.edu)

Growth Mindset Video Resources for University Teaching Staff
This project aims to create videos and supplemental resources to train teaching assistants, instructors, and faculty to use evidence-based classroom practices that promote growth mindset (For more info: dnshah@mit.edu)

Healing Gardens
The goal of this project is to create indoor gardens in student spaces representing resilience, growth, and healing. They embody the phrase "They tried to bury us but they forgot we are seeds" through plants, artificial flowers and butterflies, a memorial of people lost to identity-based violence, campus resources, and cards for students to contribute resilience strategies. (For more info: ojr@mit.edu)

MIT Medical Restorative Garden Wall
The installation of a restorative garden wall with seating on the first floor of MIT Medical. (For more info: stock@med.mit.edu)

MIT Prevention 2.0: Advanced Training for Gatekeepers
Advanced training to improve crisis response skills for those who support students in distress. (For more info: bars@med.mit.edu)

MITell Storytelling Showcase
An event where 4-5 storytellers will share true stories from their lives. (For more info: kbennett@mit.edu)

Modern Family Mindfulness Program
A program for students and their families to strengthen their emotional health and relationships. (For more info: palomagr@mit.edu)

OneWeek is an initiative that seeks to complement the classroom learning by providing the MIT community the opportunity to come together as one to celebrate the cultures and backgrounds of members of the community, and engage in productive discussions regarding world issues. (For more info: bkifle@mit.edu)

Peaceful Painting
A painting of doves in flight for W11. (For more info: mayalevy@mit.edu)

Sleep Well
During the Sleep Well challenge, individual participants who meet sleep goals are eligable for weekly and monthly prize drawings, as well as several end-of-challenge awards. (For more info: arnav@mit.edu)

The SPXCE Race
Participants will be assigned to groups of three through a system that will match students who are relatively unfamiliar with each other. Similar to the competition show "The Amazing Race," participants will earn points by attending events and activities with their teammates. (For more info: ojr@mit.edu)

Fall 2017 - Round 6

Adulting 101
A series of financial literacy workshops organized by the CASE student group. (For more info: valeriam@mit.edu)

America in Transition
A documentary series and social impact campaign that explores relationships, family, and social change from the perspective of trans people of color across the United States. (For more info: jsumney@mit.edu)

Artful Meditation
A drawing class that meets weekly and alternates between Artful Meditation and Draw What You See. (For more info: mcordero@mit.edu)

Continuing Conversations for Chemists
An initiative providing free lunches to members of the Chemistry Department to facilitate connections, collaborations, and conversations. (For more info: ehrlichd@mit.edu)

Crafternoon Sewing Circle
A monthly sewing class offered to members of the MIT community at the MIT Student Furniture Exchange. (For more info: fx@mit.edu)

Evaluation on the State of the Black Community at MIT
The Black Student Union is conducting a survey and creating a report evaluating the state of the black community at MIT. (For more info: kakobh@mit.edu)

Hermanas Unidas Inaugural Event
An inaugural event organized by Mujeres Latinas aiming to bring together Latinas from across MIT's campus to create a supportive, enduring, and inspiring community. (For more info: navilp95@mit.edu)

Indoor Lawn
A project providing indoor lawns in high traffic areas where students can sit, relax, and enjoy a bit of nature. (For more info: luyifan@mit.edu)

MacGregor House Garden
A hydroponic gardening system and renovated garden boxes for the MacGregor House residence. (For more info: rfw@mit.edu)

Making a SPXCE to Call Home
A collaborative mural painting activity to help build and sustain community in the new MIT SPXCE (Social Justice Programming and Cross-cultural Engagement) Intercultural Center. (For more info: afran@mit.edu)

Math Puzzles Pilot Event
A puzzle solving social event with a variety of games to bring students and faculty together in the Math Department. (For more info: stevenj@math.mit.edu)

MIT Daybreaker
MIT students will attend an early morning dance experience promoting wellness. (For more info: erickpinos@mit.edu)

Postdoc REFS (pdREFS)
A two year pilot program of Postdoc REFS (pdREFS) aiming to train postdocs in conflict management, and create an official group for postdocs to be available for and utilize their conflict management skills to support fellow postdocs at the Institute. (For more info: mavello@mit.edu)

Science Storytelling
A project that brings communication experts to the EAPS department to conduct a workshop on using storytelling techniques to communicate about science. (For more info: gserrato@mit.edu)

A drop-in art studio for members of the MIT community to draw, color, sketch, and connect with others. (For more info: nmg@mit.edu)

The Standard- Men of Color Setting the Standard for Academic, Personal, and Professional Success
A new cohort-based Men of Color (MOC) initiative targeting first-year undergraduates. Participants will engage in workshops, guest lectures, and a range of activities designed to enhance academic/personal/professional success. (For more info: monroed@mit.edu)

A week of events celebrating and promoting women in STEM to increase the sense of community among women at MIT. (For more info: remorgan@mit.edu)

Spring 2017 - Round 5

The S word film screening and Q&A with filmmaker and photographer
A film screening about individuals impacted by suicide and a group discussion moderated by staff from Mental Health and Counseling. (For more info: shekrish@mit.edu)

American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Classes for MIT
Classes and social events related to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture at MIT. (For more info: goretkin@mit.edu)

Healthy Relationships and Healthy Body Fitness Course
A course designed to make students better informed about the differences between healthy and abusive relationships, and reduce risky sexual behavior. (For more info: clsmoore@mit.edu)

Meditation/Fitness Course
A course designed to promote wellness through meditation and other techniques proven to reduce stress and build resiliency. (For more info: clsmoore@mit.edu)

Neurodiversity at MIT and Design for Everyone
A panel discussion exploring the experiences of non-neurotypical students and barriers to inclusion. (For more info: couch@mit.edu)

Project 24
A student-led grassroots challenge encouraging MIT students to initiate conversations with six people in 24 hours. (For more info: raveen@mit.edu)

Post-mit: An MIT Story of Sticky Situations and the Stickies that Helped us Stick it Out
An event showcasing how two graduate students used friendship, humor, and sticky notes to overcome adversity. (For more info: demas@mit.edu)

Pre-finals Care Packages
A student-led initiative bringing care packages to students during finals week.  (For more info: jlliu@mit.edu)

Tea with Teachers: MIT Professor Interview Series
A student-driven initiative that aims to bridge the gap between students and professors. Students interview professors over tea and film the conversation, later publishing it to YouTube. (For more info: alisina@mit.edu)

We are MIT
A video platform where students can submit short videos on a particular theme and compete for prizes. (For more info:ktjolsen@mit.edu)

Wellness Buddies
A weekly dinner life skills seminar where students are paired with a wellness buddy with whom they can check in about progress and measurable goals. (For more info: ferna@med.mit.edu)

Fall 2016 - Round 4

CPW Athletics Alternative Programming
An event designed to improve the CPW experience of prospective student athletes. Recruits will participate in a series of icebreaker activities and a scavenger hunt, serving as a fun and active alternative to informal parties, while providing students with an opportunity to connect outside their varsity teams. (For more info: loganmcl@MIT.EDU)

Culinarily Cultivating Community
A series of cooking events and lessons based out of Edgerton House for graduate students. (For more info: gjwang@MIT.EDU)

Food, Film and Friends
Dinner, film screening, and discussion events to facilitate conversations about controvesial topics among students, staff, and faculty. (For more info: iguanatw@mit.edu)

MIT EMS Community Fair
A fair to foster dialogue and positive interactions between the MIT student body and the MIT Police DepartmentEmergency Medical Services, and other local response agencies. (For more info: sgoel@MIT.EDU)

Portraits of Resilience Book
book capturing MIT community members’ personal stories of overcoming adversity, curated by Professor Daniel Jackson. (For more info: dnj@MIT.EDU)

Plants For The People
An event series bringing together green-thumbed MIT students to make terrariums in a fun, communal setting. (For more info: nelsonfr@mit.edu)

YOU Belong @ MIT
A three-part awareness and training program developed by the Teaching and Learning Lab to support faculty and staff in increasing students’ sense of academic belonging. (For more info: jrankin@mit.edu)

Spring 2016 - Round 3

Notice & Respond Facilitator Training
Training to help faculty, staff, and students recognize and respond to mental health issues. 15 MIT facilitators to be trained by N&R founders from Cornell, who can then train MIT community members. (For more info: bars@mit.edu)

Sunshine Makes Us Happy
Colorful metal chairs and tables to be placed in outdoor spaces throughout MIT. (For more info: bateson@mit.edu)

MIT Day of Play
Large scale carnival type festival for the last day of class to be held on Kresge Oval with food and games. (For more info: laflynn@mit.edu)

Helping You, Helping Others
Commission a participatory glass sculpture to visualize help seeking. Students that receive mental help will be asked to deposit marbles in the sculpture. (For more info: berezin@mit.edu)

Failures in Grad School and Beyond
Monthly lecture series on failure and personal stories of overcoming failure. To feature faculty speakers. (For more info: mverma@mit.edu)

Open Mind, Open Art Studio: IAP course for those affected by mental illness
Develop curriculum for and carry out IAP art class for 25 community members affected by mental illness. Exhibit works from the class in Lobby 10 with reception event. (For more info: jartiles@mit.edu)

Motivate and Move
A series of programs to help graduate student develop healthy work and self-care skills in combination with physical exercise:

  1. a weekly Bolly-X dance exercise class lead by an instructor
  2. a weekly cognitive behavioral therapy group lead by a psychiatrist
  3. a monthly nutrition group to help students make healthy food choices (For more info: ferna@mit.edu)

Tell Me About Your Day MIT
Existing suicide prevention initiative proposes to:

  1. Host events that deal with mental illness.
  2. Host a weekly podcast around the theme of living mentally healthy
  3. Provide TMAYD bracelets to incoming freshmen and make them available throughout campus. (For more info: illoyd@mit.edu)

Supporting Those Who Champion Peer Wellness at MIT
Proposal for a semi-annual speaker series for continuing education and professional development of peer wellness champions (MedLinks, Peer Ears, Peer2Peer, Lean On Me, PLEASURE, REFS). (For more info: mhwong@mit.edu)

A website (zscore.mit.edu) where students self-report the number of hours they slept, and can compare their data with the rest of MIT. Students compete with each other to be on the leaderboard for getting the most sleep. The site has existed for some time with a following, but is slow due to limitations of its current host server. (For more info: mannes@mit.edu)

Winter 2016 - Round 2

My Sister's Keeper
New program, My Sister’s Keeper, serves black women MIT students and fosters community among MIT’s black women faculty, staff, and students.   (For more info: Prof. Helen Elaine Lee at mysisterskeeper@mit.edu or facebook.com/MySistersKeeperMIT)

An app to help MIT students to reflect on their daily behaviors to manage stress & wellbeing. Effectiveness evaluated through user studies. (For more info: sataylor@mit.edu )

MIT Libraries: Wellness Collection and Bookmobile
New collection of books and media at Hayden Library for MIT community’s health and well-being, also coming to a bookmobile near you! (For more info: baildon@mit.edu or crummett@mit.edu)

Deaf at MIT
Make MIT fully accessible to those who communicate differently. Include all voices. Everyone has something to say. Listen and be heard. (For more info: bdoyle@mit.edu)

A dashboard of well-being across living groups and classes at MIT, using bit-sized questions, enabling targeted efforts for student welfare. (For more info: mindhandheart@mit.edu)

Indoor Gardens
Bringing green plants inside MIT to improve student mental health and beautify the campus through the winter months. (For more info: nnicolas@mit.edu)

SMASH IAP Wellness Series
An intensive, month-long program to get students' wellness on track. (For more info: mindhandheart@mit.edu)

Fall 2015 - Round 1

Slow Looking Art Workshop
Gather at the MIT List Center to look slowly at art. Take time to pause, refresh, and restore through observation, discussion, and drawing. (For more info: cklemens@mit.edu)

LBGTQ Students of Color at MIT
Maximizing campus-wide collaborations, this project offers profound and positive change for at-risk LBGTQ students of color at MIT. (For more info: afran@mit.edu)

MIT Connect
MIT CONNECT randomly pairs members of the graduate student community for platonic, one-on-one lunches once a week, every week. (For more info: tuka@mit.edu  or ghassemi@mit.edu)

Random Acts of Kindness Week
By encouraging random acts of kindness, we hope to defuse some of the anxiety and stress faced by MIT community members on a daily basis. (For more info: b_ark@mit.edu or RAK-Committee@mit.edu)

Koru Mindfulness Program
Small group courses for students teaching an evidence-based curriculum designed to improve sleep, perceived stress, mindfulness, and self-compassion.. (For more info: https://medical.mit.edu/community/stress-reduction)

SLAMIT Freshman Seminar
Small group techniques help students develop psychological resources to resist distress and thrive in the face of demanding circumstances. (For more info: jbelcher@mit.edu or  web.mit.edu/jbelcher/www/)

The Puppy Lab
Certified MIT therapy dogs seeking belly rubs in exchange for clever tricks, listening ears, and goofy smiles. (For more info: stephku@mit.edu)

Removing SAD from Winter
Planning for public artificial lightbox locations on campus for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). (For more info: aanders@mit.edu)