Marketing Resources
Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

Events Calendar - Submit your event to the MIT Events Calendar. Add the "health and wellness" tag.

Infinite Display - Post on digital displays around campus. Student groups receive 3 days of free posting per semester.

GSC Anno - Reach the graduate student community through this weekly email announcement.

Posters - Information on poster and display spaces can be found here.

Undergraduate and graduate dorm mailing lists

Department administrators

Relevant student group leaders - a list of existing student groups can be found here.

Additional promotional resources:
SAO's publicity and marketing guide -

CAC's event planning guide -

MindHandHeart Logo

The MindHandHeart logo should be included in all publications/posters by grant recipients. If communications are by text only (e.g. email), you can include a line such as "Sponsored by the MindHandHeart Innovation Fund."

Design 1 - Horizontal

Horizontal logo


Design 2 - Vertical

Square logo