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Free Menstrual Hygiene Products Pilot

Menstruation is a natural, normal part of life for many people. To accommodate our community members who menstruate and reduce the stigma around menstruation, free menstrual hygiene products are now available in select bathrooms across campus, including:

  • 4-166
  • 3-101
  • 3-310 (Margaret Cheney Room)
  • 3-215 (all gender)
  • 14-126AA (all gender)
  • E17-398
  • E17-498
  • 32-040
  • Building E51
  • Building E52
  • Building E62
  • Building E60 (excluding the basement and second floor)

This year, six multi-stall all gender bathrooms will be added to this list.

In addition, Pleasure@MIT is distributing reduced price menstrual cups to MIT students. Contact pleasure-cups@mit.edu to learn more.

If you would like to provide feedback on our Free Menstrual Hygiene Products Pilot, please fill out this form. We would love to hear from you!

The Free Menstrual Hygiene Products Pilot is a collaboration between MindHandHeart, MIT Facilities, the Undergraduate Association Wellness Committee, the Undergraduate Association Innovation Committee, Pleasure@MIT, Violence Prevention and Response, the Margaret Cheney Room, and the Women's and Gender Studies Department.