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Grant Recipients

Spring 2018 - Round 7

Cozy Eddies - Lovely and Comforting SA+P Spaces the Remind Us to Pause
Pop-up picnic nooks inside building 9 to enrich daily routines with an unexpected playful space. (For more info:

DUSP Healthy Masculinities Discussion Group Retreat
A weekend retreat for members of the DUSP Healthy Masculinities Discussion group to engage with topics masculinity. (For more info:

Growth Mindset Video Resources for University Teaching Staff
This project aims to create videos and supplemental resources to train teaching assistants, instructors, and faculty to use evidence-based classroom practices that promote growth mindset (For more info:

Healing Gardens
The goal of this project is to create indoor gardens in student spaces representing resilience, growth, and healing. They embody the phrase "They tried to bury us but they forgot we are seeds" through plants, artificial flowers and butterflies, a memorial of people lost to identity-based violence, campus resources, and cards for students to contribute resilience strategies. (For more info:

MIT Medical Restorative Garden Wall
The installation of a restorative garden wall with seating on the first floor of MIT Medical. (For more info:

MIT Prevention 2.0: Advanced Training for Gatekeepers
Advanced training to improve crisis response skills for those who support students in distress. (For more info:

MITell Storytelling Showcase
An event where 4-5 storytellers will share true stories from their lives. (For more info:

Modern Family Mindfulness Program
A program for students and their families to strengthen their emotional health and relationships. (For more info:

OneWeek is an initiative that seeks to complement the classroom learning by providing the MIT community the opportunity to come together as one to celebrate the cultures and backgrounds of members of the community, and engage in productive discussions regarding world issues. (For more info:

Peaceful Painting
A painting of doves in flight for W11. (For more info:

Sleep Well
During the Sleep Well challenge, individual participants who meet sleep goals are eligable for weekly and monthly prize drawings, as well as several end-of-challenge awards. (For more info:

The SPXCE Race
Participants will be assigned to groups of three through a system that will match students who are relatively unfamiliar with each other. Similar to the competition show "The Amazing Race," participants will earn points by attending events and activities with their teammates. (For more info:

Fall 2017 - Round 6

Adulting 101
A series of financial literacy workshops organized by the CASE student group. (For more info:

America in Transition
A documentary series and social impact campaign that explores relationships, family, and social change from the perspective of trans people of color across the United States. (For more info:

Artful Meditation
A drawing class that meets weekly and alternates between Artful Meditation and Draw What You See. (For more info:

Continuing Conversations for Chemists
An initiative providing free lunches to members of the Chemistry Department to facilitate connections, collaborations, and conversations. (For more info:

Crafternoon Sewing Circle
A monthly sewing class offered to members of the MIT community at the MIT Student Furniture Exchange. (For more info:

Evaluation on the State of the Black Community at MIT
The Black Student Union is conducting a survey and creating a report evaluating the state of the black community at MIT. (For more info:

Hermanas Unidas Inaugural Event
An inaugural event organized by Mujeres Latinas aiming to bring together Latinas from across MIT's campus to create a supportive, enduring, and inspiring community. (For more info:

Indoor Lawn
A project providing indoor lawns in high traffic areas where students can sit, relax, and enjoy a bit of nature. (For more info:

MacGregor House Garden
A hydroponic gardening system and renovated garden boxes for the MacGregor House residence. (For more info:

Making a SPXCE to Call Home
A collaborative mural painting activity to help build and sustain community in the new MIT SPXCE (Social Justice Programming and Cross-cultural Engagement) Intercultural Center. (For more info:

Math Puzzles Pilot Event
A puzzle solving social event with a variety of games to bring students and faculty together in the Math Department. (For more info:

MIT Daybreaker
MIT students will attend an early morning dance experience promoting wellness. (For more info:

Postdoc REFS (pdREFS)
A two year pilot program of Postdoc REFS (pdREFS) aiming to train postdocs in conflict management, and create an official group for postdocs to be available for and utilize their conflict management skills to support fellow postdocs at the Institute. (For more info:

Science Storytelling
A project that brings communication experts to the EAPS department to conduct a workshop on using storytelling techniques to communicate about science. (For more info:

A drop-in art studio for members of the MIT community to draw, color, sketch, and connect with others. (For more info:

The Standard- Men of Color Setting the Standard for Academic, Personal, and Professional Success
A new cohort-based Men of Color (MOC) initiative targeting first-year undergraduates. Participants will engage in workshops, guest lectures, and a range of activities designed to enhance academic/personal/professional success. (For more info:

A week of events celebrating and promoting women in STEM to increase the sense of community among women at MIT. (For more info:

Spring 2017 - Round 5

The S word film screening and Q&A with filmmaker and photographer
A film screening about individuals impacted by suicide and a group discussion moderated by staff from Mental Health and Counseling. (For more info:

American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Classes for MIT
Classes and social events related to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture at MIT. (For more info:

Healthy Relationships and Healthy Body Fitness Course
A course designed to make students better informed about the differences between healthy and abusive relationships, and reduce risky sexual behavior. (For more info:

Meditation/Fitness Course
A course designed to promote wellness through meditation and other techniques proven to reduce stress and build resiliency. (For more info:

Neurodiversity at MIT and Design for Everyone
A panel discussion exploring the experiences of non-neurotypical students and barriers to inclusion. (For more info:

Project 24
A student-led grassroots challenge encouraging MIT students to initiate conversations with six people in 24 hours. (For more info:

Post-mit: An MIT Story of Sticky Situations and the Stickies that Helped us Stick it Out
An event showcasing how two graduate students used friendship, humor, and sticky notes to overcome adversity. (For more info:

Pre-finals Care Packages
A student-led initiative bringing care packages to students during finals week.  (For more info:

Tea with Teachers: MIT Professor Interview Series
A student-driven initiative that aims to bridge the gap between students and professors. Students interview professors over tea and film the conversation, later publishing it to YouTube. (For more info:

We are MIT
A video platform where students can submit short videos on a particular theme and compete for prizes. (For more

Wellness Buddies
A weekly dinner life skills seminar where students are paired with a wellness buddy with whom they can check in about progress and measurable goals. (For more info:

Fall 2016 - Round 4

CPW Athletics Alternative Programming
An event designed to improve the CPW experience of prospective student athletes. Recruits will participate in a series of icebreaker activities and a scavenger hunt, serving as a fun and active alternative to informal parties, while providing students with an opportunity to connect outside their varsity teams. (For more info: loganmcl@MIT.EDU)

Culinarily Cultivating Community
A series of cooking events and lessons based out of Edgerton House for graduate students. (For more info: gjwang@MIT.EDU)

Food, Film and Friends
Dinner, film screening, and discussion events to facilitate conversations about controvesial topics among students, staff, and faculty. (For more info:

MIT EMS Community Fair
A fair to foster dialogue and positive interactions between the MIT student body and the MIT Police DepartmentEmergency Medical Services, and other local response agencies. (For more info: sgoel@MIT.EDU)

Portraits of Resilience Book
book capturing MIT community members’ personal stories of overcoming adversity, curated by Professor Daniel Jackson. (For more info: dnj@MIT.EDU)

Plants For The People
An event series bringing together green-thumbed MIT students to make terrariums in a fun, communal setting. (For more info:

YOU Belong @ MIT
A three-part awareness and training program developed by the Teaching and Learning Lab to support faculty and staff in increasing students’ sense of academic belonging. (For more info:

Spring 2016 - Round 3

Notice & Respond Facilitator Training
Training to help faculty, staff, and students recognize and respond to mental health issues. 15 MIT facilitators to be trained by N&R founders from Cornell, who can then train MIT community members. (For more info:

Sunshine Makes Us Happy
Colorful metal chairs and tables to be placed in outdoor spaces throughout MIT. (For more info:

MIT Day of Play
Large scale carnival type festival for the last day of class to be held on Kresge Oval with food and games. (For more info:

Helping You, Helping Others
Commission a participatory glass sculpture to visualize help seeking. Students that receive mental help will be asked to deposit marbles in the sculpture. (For more info:

Failures in Grad School and Beyond
Monthly lecture series on failure and personal stories of overcoming failure. To feature faculty speakers. (For more info:

Open Mind, Open Art Studio: IAP course for those affected by mental illness
Develop curriculum for and carry out IAP art class for 25 community members affected by mental illness. Exhibit works from the class in Lobby 10 with reception event. (For more info:

Motivate and Move
A series of programs to help graduate student develop healthy work and self-care skills in combination with physical exercise:

  1. a weekly Bolly-X dance exercise class lead by an instructor
  2. a weekly cognitive behavioral therapy group lead by a psychiatrist
  3. a monthly nutrition group to help students make healthy food choices (For more info:

Tell Me About Your Day MIT
Existing suicide prevention initiative proposes to:

  1. Host events that deal with mental illness.
  2. Host a weekly podcast around the theme of living mentally healthy
  3. Provide TMAYD bracelets to incoming freshmen and make them available throughout campus. (For more info:

Supporting Those Who Champion Peer Wellness at MIT
Proposal for a semi-annual speaker series for continuing education and professional development of peer wellness champions (MedLinks, Peer Ears, Peer2Peer, Lean On Me, PLEASURE, REFS). (For more info:

A website ( where students self-report the number of hours they slept, and can compare their data with the rest of MIT. Students compete with each other to be on the leaderboard for getting the most sleep. The site has existed for some time with a following, but is slow due to limitations of its current host server. (For more info:

Winter 2016 - Round 2

My Sister's Keeper
New program, My Sister’s Keeper, serves black women MIT students and fosters community among MIT’s black women faculty, staff, and students.   (For more info: Prof. Helen Elaine Lee at or

An app to help MIT students to reflect on their daily behaviors to manage stress & wellbeing. Effectiveness evaluated through user studies. (For more info: )

MIT Libraries: Wellness Collection and Bookmobile
New collection of books and media at Hayden Library for MIT community’s health and well-being, also coming to a bookmobile near you! (For more info: or

Deaf at MIT
Make MIT fully accessible to those who communicate differently. Include all voices. Everyone has something to say. Listen and be heard. (For more info:

A dashboard of well-being across living groups and classes at MIT, using bit-sized questions, enabling targeted efforts for student welfare. (For more info:

Indoor Gardens
Bringing green plants inside MIT to improve student mental health and beautify the campus through the winter months. (For more info:

SMASH IAP Wellness Series
An intensive, month-long program to get students' wellness on track. (For more info:

Fall 2015 - Round 1

Slow Looking Art Workshop
Gather at the MIT List Center to look slowly at art. Take time to pause, refresh, and restore through observation, discussion, and drawing. (For more info:

LBGTQ Students of Color at MIT
Maximizing campus-wide collaborations, this project offers profound and positive change for at-risk LBGTQ students of color at MIT. (For more info:

MIT Connect
MIT CONNECT randomly pairs members of the graduate student community for platonic, one-on-one lunches once a week, every week. (For more info:  or

Random Acts of Kindness Week
By encouraging random acts of kindness, we hope to defuse some of the anxiety and stress faced by MIT community members on a daily basis. (For more info: or

Koru Mindfulness Program
Small group courses for students teaching an evidence-based curriculum designed to improve sleep, perceived stress, mindfulness, and self-compassion.. (For more info:

SLAMIT Freshman Seminar
Small group techniques help students develop psychological resources to resist distress and thrive in the face of demanding circumstances. (For more info: or

The Puppy Lab
Certified MIT therapy dogs seeking belly rubs in exchange for clever tricks, listening ears, and goofy smiles. (For more info:

Removing SAD from Winter
Planning for public artificial lightbox locations on campus for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). (For more info: