Lean On Me, a new texting service for peer chats, started by MIT students, joins a growing number of new low-barrier counseling formats offered on campus this year. MIT has offered Peer2Peer, and Let’s Chat as new options for support within the campus landscape. While Let’s Chat offers 20 minute face-to-face conversations with professional counselors, and offers anonymous online chats with trained and screened “active listeners,” Lean on Me, is the first to offer phone-line texting as a means of support.


We each face our own, ever-changing set of personal and work-related challenges and opportunities. Interactive seminars from the MIT Work-Life Center’s Spring 2016 Seminar Series can inform, inspire, and support you and help you be better prepared for whatever life presents next.


A new MIT Peer2Peer student support service is now available online at

Peer2Peer is a group of trained student volunteers committed to providing online peer support to MIT students, who "believe it is important for MIT students to have the opportunity to connect with supportive, non-judgmental peers who know first hand what being a student at MIT is really like."

MIT students can use the site to chat with other MIT students completely anonymously.


Interested in brief meditation? Meditation has been associated with stress reduction, better focus, and better relationships. Community Wellness at MIT is taking a survey of MIT student experiences with the Headspace meditation app. Meditate 10 minutes a day for 10 days using the Headspace app or


Thoreau said, “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” This semester, the MIT List Visual Arts Center offers a series of Slow Looking Art Workshops designed to harness the natural ability of art to provoke reflection and contemplation.