MindHandHeart, in partnership with Student Mental Health and Counseling Services at MIT Medical, the Division of Student Life, MIT Libraries, and the Undergraduate Association, launched Calm-to-Go in September 2018, an initiative bringing de-stressing equipment to students. Calm-to-Go was generously funded by MIT alumni through the 24-Hour Challenge.

Calm-to-Go Overview

Calm your body to calm your mind.

You might not have an extra hour for yoga or a massage, but you can still take a few minutes to calm your body and center yourself.

You probably recognize feelings of stress when you’re frenetically pushing yourself to finish problem sets or meet a big deadline. But avoiding work by zoning out, binge watching Netflix, or surfing the Internet may also be signs of stress. Research shows that a certain amount of anxiety can optimize performance, but too much anxiety can sabotage your efforts by interfering with productivity, creativity, problem solving, and learning.

Let Calm-To-Go help you modulate your anxiety. Check out some of our sensory equipment from Lewis Music Library or use them in the Compton Lounge. 

Items available at the MIT Music Library include:

  • Biofeedback equipment
  • Weighted shoulder wraps
  • Neurofeedback equipment
  • Noise-cancelling head sets
  • Seasonal light boxes

Items available in the Compton Lounge include:

  • Orgami kits
  • Fidget supplies
  • Zen-tangling art supplies
  • Adult coloring books and pencils
  • Sand timers/bubble timers
  • Massage rollers and balls
  • Putty
  • Scented lotions
  • Plush toys