MIT support materials
Print Materials

There are many offices and initiatives dedicated to supporting students during their time at MIT. MindHandHeart has compiled a list of print materials advertising a selection of mental health, community, and wellness resources. We encourage departments, research centers, and residences to display these materials in common areas. 

For a complete list of the support resources available to MIT students, visit

Mental Health

What to do When You're Worried About Someone
A pamphlet offering students advice on ways to support a peer in distress.
What to do When You're Worried About Someone Pamphlet

At Risk 
An online, interactive training module for MIT faculty and others to support students in distress.
At Risk Handout

Faculty Guide
A guide for faculty members to recognize and respond to students in distress.
Faculty Guide Handout

Student Support on the MIT Mobile App
A new module on the MIT Mobile app where users can share concerns about a student, get help with common issues, and connect with resources.
MIT Mobile App Handout

Nine Tips for Healthy Social Media Use
Student-generated tips to use social media in a healthy, positive way.
Social Media Handout


You Are Welcome Here
A campaign to identify multiple points of access to LGBTQ+ support services, increase visibility, and create a more welcoming campus environment.
You Are Welcome Here Card

Violence Prevention and Response (VPR)
VPR helps members of the MIT community (students, faculty, staff, and family members) who are dealing with sexual violence, relationship abuse, stalking, and sexual harassment.
VPR Brochure
VPR Business Card

Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) Self-Assessment
An online assessment designed to help students consider the personal impact of their alcohol use and explore strategies to reduce alcohol-related harms.
AODS Business Card

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
An online course designed to help students make informed decisions when it comes to prescription medications.
Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Card

Accessing Resources at MIT (ARM) Coalition
The ARM Coalition helps students who are struggling financially connect to campus resources.
ARM Coalition Handout
ARM Coalition Poster

MIT Connect
An app connecting students for platonic, one-on-one lunches.
MIT Connect Poster
MIT Connect Handout

Weekends @MIT
A weekend series offering substance-free, late night events.
Weekends @MIT Card

5-10 Rule with Smoots
At two smoots, make eye contact. At one smoot, acknowledge the passerby.
5-10 Rule Poster with Smoots 


The MIT sleep and relaxation phone line, available 24/7.
253-Calm Card

Cheat Sleep
A list of tips to get more and better rest.
Cheat Sleep Handout

Sleep Campaign
A campaign to encourage healthy sleep at MIT.
Sleep Poster 1
Sleep Poster 2
Sleep Poster 3
Sleep Poster 4
Sleep Poster 5
Sleep Poster 6
Sleep Poster 7
Sleep Poster 8
Sleep Poster 9
Sleep Poster 10

Mindfulness Posters
A campaign to encourage meditation and mindfulness at MIT from Community Wellness at MIT Medical.
'Breathe' Poster
'Connect' Poster
'Let Go' Poster
'Listen' Poster
'Move' Poster
'Stretch' Poster
'Unwind' Poster