MIT Values Banners
Supporting MIT Values

In December 2020, the Institute charged the MIT Values Statement Committee to develop a statement of shared values through broad consultation across the MIT community. On April 12, 2022, President Rafael Reif, Provost Cynthia Barnhart and Chancellor Melissa Nobles shared the values statement with the community, with their strong endorsement.

MIT Values implementation

In its final report, the MIT Values Statement Committee made a range of suggestions for implementing the statement's intent and language into the life and operations of the Institute, noting: "Values statements can be a powerful force for positive change and building trust throughout a community, but those benefits come about only with shared ownership, sustained action, and attention."

The ICEO and MindHandHeart have been charged with forwarding the report's objectives and recommendations. If you have suggestions or comments or would like to participate, please contact Megan Jordan.

MIT Values Projects

Lobby 7 Banners

In September 2022, the Institute installed five billboard-scale banners in Lobby 7. Drawing on the words of the MIT Values Statement and illuminating them with line-art illustrations and a vivid color scheme, this installation is intended to promote the values to MIT's on-campus community, as well as visitors to the Institute's front door.

The installation was also an opportunity to develop design directions and a style-guide for any on-campus groups that would like to promote MIT Values in their own setting—with t-shirts, coffee mugs, banners, bookmarks, etc. A copy of the style guide is available here.

Photographs of the Lobby 7 installation process are also available for free use by any MIT office or program.