Leadership and Staff

As a community-wide coalition, MindHandHeart (MHH) receives guidance from leadership from across the Institute.


MHH is co-sponsored by the Office of the Chancellor and MIT Medical. Spearheading the initiative and supervising its staff are Rosalind Picard, MHH Faculty Chair, and Maryanne Kirkbride, MHH Executive Administrator.

MindHandHeart Staff:

The MHH staff manage the operations and communications for the Initiative.

  • Ryan Kruis - Senior Program Manager
  • Maisie O’Brien - Communications Specialist
  • Barbara Lipohar Staples - Program Assistant
  • Jenny Wang - Innovation Fund Graduate Community Fellow
  • Alexandra Rieger - Working Groups Graduate Community Fellow

Core Team:

MHH staff meet monthly with the MHH Core Team to discuss operational issues and ensure alignment with other efforts across campus

  • Judy Robinson - Senior Associate Dean, Residential Education
  • Julie Norman - Senior Associate Dean, DUE; Director, UAAP
  • David Randall - Senior Associate Dean, Student Support and Wellbeing
  • DiOnetta Jones Crayton - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education; Director of OME
  • Renee Caso - Academic Programs Manager, School of Architecture
  • Carrie Moore Sampson - Director of Physical Education, DAPER
  • Kim Haberlin - Senior Communications Officer, Office of the Chancellor

Senior Review Team:

MHH staff meet three times a year with the MHH Senior Review Team to discuss the overall trajectory of the initiative and to monitor progress in the JED Campus Program framework areas.

  • Cynthia Barnhart - Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor
  • Rosalind Picard - Professor, Media Lab
  • Cecilia Stuopis - Medical Director, MIT Medical
  • Maryanne Kirkbride - Clinical Director for Campus Life, MIT Medical
  • Ryan Kruis - Senior Program Manager, MindHandHeart
  • William Kettyle - Senior Health Care Advisor & Medical Director Emeritus
  • Krishna Rajagopal - Professor, Physics; Chair of the Faculty
  • Suzy Nelson - Vice President and Dean for Student Life, DSL
  • Blanche Staton - Dean for Graduate Education, ODGE
  • Dennis Freeman - Dean for Undergraduate Education, DUE
  • Karen Singleton - Associate Medical Director & Chief, Mental Health & Counseling, MIT Medical
  • Lawrence Wong - Graduate Student
  • Bettina Arkhurst - Undergraduate Student
  • Tamar Weseley - Undergraduate Student