Our Purpose

The MindHandHeart Initiative is tapping into our passionate community spirit and innovative problem-solving skills to enhance mental health and overall well-being at MIT. Students, faculty, staff, and other experts are working together to launch promising new efforts that coordinate and improve support services and measure progress. Over time, MindHandHeart will help members of our community feel more comfortable asking for help when they need it; build a healthier, stronger, and more welcoming community; and ensure MIT is eliciting our best while giving us the tools and support to be our best.

MindHandHeart Innovation Fund

The MindHandHeart Innovation Fund seeks to leverage the enthusiasm and problem-solving skills of the MIT community to find new and inventive ways of increasing awareness about mental health, building communities of support, and promoting life and wellness skills.

We are all MindHandHeart. Try these simple tips to strengthen our community connections. Let us know what you try and how it goes: send us an email or Tweet us!

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