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The MindHandHeart Blog seeks to elevate student voices during this very stressful time, while providing a space for peer-to-peer support and care. The blog encourages conversation focused on wellness, mental health, diversity, equity, inclusion, and more. Blog posts may take many forms, including first-person narratives, numbered lists, photo stories, cartoons, drawings, videos, and mixed media. Blog posts will be featured on MindHandHeart’s social media channels. Interested? Reach out to us at All participants will receive a $50 gift card to a book store.

Hamstrings and Zoom screens

This week, Katherine K. Huang shares her experiences teaching Yoga through Splash for MIT and leading friends through stretching routines.

A Summer Without Purpose

As we enter summer 2021, Eric Li reflects back on summer 2020 in this week's post.

Story-telling and poetry-writing during Random Acts of Kindness Week

In this week's post, ICEO Graduate Community Fellows Ayşe Güvenilir and Julie Logan reflects back on creating non-Zoom events for RAK week and shares the resulting story and poem written by the MIT community.

Grace Giving Grace

This week, Grace Sun shares some ways that help her be compassionate to herself.

My Pandemic "Distractions"

This week, Laura Brandt shares some of her non-work "distractions" during the pandemic.

Traveling Through Art

This week, Maaya Prasad guides us through a virtual voyage of colorful landscapes.

Art Through Zoom

This week, Amelia shares how she expanded her artistic horizons through various Zoom activities.

Webkinz Disney World

Join us this week as Lauren Platt takes us on a tour of her Webkinz Disney World.

Busy Beavers

In this week's post, Chad Qian reflects on the start of Busy Beavers and the MIT Minecraft server.