Mission & Strategy

MindHandHeart is a coalition of students, faculty, and staff with fresh insights, new ideas, and diverse perspectives working collaboratively and strategically to strengthen the fabric of our MIT community.

MHH is filling a strategic niche in areas shown by research to promote mental health and well-being and reduce the risk of suicide. MHH does this through four main channels:

  1. Our Innovation Fund seeding novel approaches to wellbeing and mentoring passionate students as their innovative ideas develop.
  2. Our volunteer coalition brings voices from across the Institute together to solve problems and develop opportunities in new ways.
  3. Our strategic partnerships are designed to connect MHH with other culture-shaping initiatives promoting respect, health, and our shared humanity.
  4. And, our Department Support Program, an effort in several academic departments to share successes and coordinate enhancements in order to strengthen the welcoming and inclusive nature of our academic climates.   

Guided by the Jed Foundation Campus Program, MindHandHeart is tapping into the creativity of the entire MIT community to spur action and positively shape our culture. Over time, we aim for awareness of our "heart" to be fully alive on our campus; inseparable from "mind and hand" and equally valued as a component of our success in making a better world.