Innovation Fund FAQs

When is the next application deadline?

The next application cycle will occur in March 2022.  If you have an idea you would like to discuss before then, please contact Maryanne Kirkbride at mindhandheart@mit.edu.

Who can apply?

The MindHandHeart Innovation Fund is open to all MIT students, staff, faculty, and students' spouses.

What types of activities might be funded?

The MindHandHeart Innovation Fund was created in the spirit of service to the MIT community. It will support new innovative projects, presentations, activities, events, or campaigns that promote mental health and well-being at MIT. Applications will be reviewed by MindHandHeart staff and affiliated faculty as well as representatives from the Undergraduate Association, Graduate Student Association, and Active Minds.

Do you fund speaker fees?

Yes, we fund modest honoraria for speakers to come to campus with a cap of $2,000 for a single event.

How do I apply?

When the application cycle opens, simply answer the application questions and provide an itemized budget. Click the log-in text in the side-bar to start your application. You can save it and edit it multiple times before submitting.

To add a layer of protection against the various issues that can arise while working in a web browser, please prepare responses ahead of time and paste answers directly into the relevant fields.

Click to view the Innovation Fund application and evaluation criteria.

Where can I learn more about existing services and resources on campus?

If you'd like to see how your idea might complement existing campus programs or services, or just to learn more about what else is available, please visit resources.mit.edu.

Is it possible to give to the MindHandHeart Innovation Fund?  

Absolutely, many members of our community have expressed interest in making such a contribution. Click here to be redirected to the Fund page.

Still have more questions?

Attend one of our information sessions or contact us at mindhandheart@mit.edu.