FALLing in Love with a Walk in the Park

painting of fall trees with words foliage audiobooks lighted sky

Catching the last rays of sunshine, I close my laptop to put a pause to the day’s work and get ready to go outside. Did the leaves turn into a more passionate degree of red today? Which new wildflowers bloomed in the bushes? How’s the bird nest construction going? Can I still catch a whiff of the fragrance from the rose garden sent by the autumn wind? Setting foot into the scenic park, I let my senses fully take in the surroundings. With one touch, I resume the autobiography audiobook I have been graciously consuming. At that moment, a veil closes on the lingering thoughts from my day, and I immerse myself in another’s world. My mind wanders with words of story. I gaze at the fiery sky and take deep breaths. I stride through the paths and watch the ferris wheel slowly turning in the distance. I let spontaneity determine my movements, alternating between a walk, jog, and sprint as my heart desires. Each flower, each leaf, each bird twittering alongside me bring a sense of tranquility and ease, recharging me with enthusiasm for another day of the virtual semester and an anticipation for another walk in the park.

This piece was based off a photo of a park in Beijing, China, where I had spent my fall semester. Wandering in this park has become one of my favorite hobbies, and I am so grateful for the changes of scenery presented by nature. Though the fiery red leaves have long been replaced by bare branches (which are beautiful in their own way:) ), I still wanted to share this post as the feelings that the park evokes remains unchanged with the seasons.